Woohoo- gym energy :)

I have been a gym member for the last three years, and I have to admit smugly that I am good at going a few times a week, consistently. Perhaps its a gay thing, but the benefits are huge. As one of my friends once said nobody ever says ‘ I wish I hadn’t done that workout’

I usually go in the evenings around 8, do a bit of a warm up and then weightlifting, followed occasionally by a nice visit to the jacuzzi, sauna and steamroom (if there is time). It is absolutely bliss after a hard workout.

The thing is, I have read often that the morning is the best time to do your workout. I can count on one hand the ammount of mornings I have arisen from my cosy bed at 6.30 to go to the gym before work, and Its only about 5 percent of the times I have intended to go.

The sleep button on my alarm is terribly appealing.

Last night when I went to the gym I was getting water when I happened to notice a small flyer about free classes for gym members. For spinning to be precise at 7.15 am for 45 minutes. I quickly calculated that this would kill three birds with one stone. getting me to the gym early, burning off that christmas spare tyre with intense cardio, and getting me out of bed early in the morning in time for work.

And it was hard getting up, believe me. By far the hardest part of the morning.

For those that are unsure, spinning classes involve a hall with a number of stationary bikes, and and instructor in the middle. Our Instructor was incredibly hot, really defined and you could see the muscles tensing all over his body as he did his instructing. (quite distracting actually when you think of it. He guides you along, telling you when to lean forward or to sit up, to go fast or slow down, to increase  or decrease the resistance throughout the workout. There are times of high resistance and spells of easier, slower pace. The change of pace and resistance had me sweating buckets within ten minutes and after 45 there were actual puddles of sweat on and around all the bikes. It was torturous.

A nice shower, 5 mins in the sauna, and home for breakfast by half past 8. In work for 9 o’clock and I’m feeling great.


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